What defines Changzhou Haida and what we strive toward?

"Every agency on Madison Avenue is defined by the moment they got their car. When we land Jaguar, the world will know we have arrived.", says Don Draper in the show "Mad Men" as they land the Jaguar account for their ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Indeed, for every ad agency, landing an auto account is a defining moment for them. This got us, at Changzhou, thinking, what will make us stand out and what is the defining moment for us?

This is indeed a hard question. Some people say the core competency of the company lies in products. It is true that clients view products as the representative of the company. If products are unreliable, "boom", your company is just an undependable company. This statement is so true that every sales representatives, even just beginning, know it at their heart. It is also true for us. We've had occasions that we mailed samples to our clients, and unfortunately samples broke for whatever reasons. Our client then emailed to us, saying "this is not a good start", and then he simply vanished. This incident happened roughly 12 years ago. From then on, we try to step up our quality management and control by every means. Thanks to these measures taken by us, our products have always been top-tier quality and received numerous praises from the markets. However, Does the core competency of the company really lie in products? I can always sense something weird in this statement. It is fundamentally wrong.

These all happened a while ago when I was having lunch with my colleagues, typical Chinese workers working 9 hours non-stop in a factory. It is just normal lunch for us. You would assume people unhappy. However, people share home-made food , chat about family matters, and yea brag about life. It is quite like a family lunch scene, and you can feel the family atmosphere. It is very easy to take all these things for granted as they all happened naturally. Thinking about this atmosphere, I find it the source that I am happy to work at Haida. Everyday, I enter the company as entering my another home. My colleagues all have been around in the company for more than 10 years, and it is an incredible low turnover rate. I start to realize that these people are the true treasures at Haida. We would cheer together as we land a big account;we would upset together if something goes wrong. We act like a family at Haida and are indeed a family here. We strive together towards excellent customer support and high product quality. These people are what really define Haida. Without them, Haida is nothing but hollow.

There is an old Chinese saying, "Everything is Ready Except the East Wind".

We will patiently wait for our "defining moment".

(Written by Roy Feng, Changzhou Haida Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. All copyrights reserved)

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